Scenario 2 - A Hint

Scenario 2

This scenario is an intercept of 5667 characters cut from and original German decrypt and renciphered on BREAM patterns . It can be accessed in Virtual Colossus by setting one of the bedstead tapes to "BR2cipher" and setting the patterns to "BRpatterns". It needs the K2 one-back limitation set.


First use the 1+2=. algorithm to set X1 and X2.
You may find that there is more than one result with a large count.
Then use 4=5=/1=2 to set X4 and X5.
Also use this to eliminate wrong high counts in K1, K2.
Now use count of "///" to set X3 given X1,X2,X4 and X5.
This will also eliminate contending counts.
Still with DeltaZ and DeltaX added onto the Q bus, count "///" with the count limitation switch down to set M1 and M2.
With them set, switch direct Z, X and S to the Q bus.
Set S1 and S2 with 1+2=. then S4 and S5 with 1+2=. finally set S3 with 3=+
With all wheels set, by using the PRINTQ switch, the printer should show the decrypt.