Scenario 1 - A Hint

Scenario 1

This scenario is an intercept of 5667 characters cut from and original German decrypt and renciphered. It can be accessed in Virtual Colossus by setting one of the bedstead tapes to "KH2cipher" and setting the patterns to "KHpatterns". It requires the K2 one-back limitation set.


First use the 1+2=. algorithm to set X1 and X2.

Then use 4=5=/1=2 to set X4 and X5.

Now use count of "///" to set X3 given X1,X2,X4 and X5.

Still with DeltaZ and DeltaX added onto the Q bus, count "///" with the count limitation switch down to set M1 and M2.

With them set, switch direct Z, X and S to the Q bus.

Set S1 and S2 with 1+2=. then S4 and S5 with 1+2=. finally set S3 with 3=+

With all wheels set, by using the PRINTQ switch, the printer should show the decrypt.